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90 minutes of pure Zen time. This treatment focuses on decreasing stress hormones and promoting a deep state of relaxation through massage, gentle acupuncture and auricular acupuncture, and includes a take-home ‘Keep Calm and Cool Down’ tincture.

As with all our treatments, this is tailored to the individual. Clients can expect:

Relaxation massage – beautiful long and relaxing massage strokes to relieve the mind and body of stress

Acupuncture – points are selected specifically for the client and will include acupuncture points demonstrated to balance stress hormones. You will be left to relax with noise-canceling headphones playing relaxation music so you feel like you are in your own cocoon.

Cupping – light to medium strength to relax the muscles and underlying tissues

Acupuncture ear-seeds – between one and three auricular points found by Yale researchers to decrease anxiety. Ear seeds stay on the ear for up to five days

Essential Oils – hand-picked essential oils for your current mood massaged on to the pulse points to reset the body

Take Home Relaxation Tincture – Shift Natural Medicine’s Keep Calm and Cool Down tincture to support the treatment and help regulate on going stress.


A relaxing acupuncture treatment for all you insomniacs. Sleep is our focus here so we couple acupuncture with specific scalp and facial massage points, and lavender essential oil on your pulse points to have you in the land of nod in no time.

You will start the treatment off with noise cancelling headphones to block out any background and white noise, playing a relaxing ‘sleep’ meditation, which you can then take yourself through each night before bed.

We send you home with a Pukka relaxtaion tea, which we encourage you to use in your night time ritual.

Please allow 60 minutes.


For that someone who spends weekends running/riding/sailing/crossfitting or just squeezing every drop out of their bodies in pursuit of awesomeness.
A 75-minute sports massage, dry needling and acupuncture session to iron out all the kinks, plus our favourite natural anti-inflam cream Fisiocrem (60g) to make the aches and pains go away in time for next weekend.

THE FRESH FACE (Not-That-You-Need-It-Darling)

Freshen up that glorious face with a 75-minute luxurious and relaxing cosmetic acupuncture facial. A natural alternative to drastic measures like botox or fillers, cosmetic acupuncture has been shown to promote collagen production, minimise fine lines, reduce under eye bags, gently tighten the skin, and leave it fresh and glowing.

As with all our treatments, this is tailored to the individual. Clients can expect:

Acupuncture – super fine needles will be placed all around the face for local stimulation and treatment, and distal body points to rebalance any underlying issues. You are left to relax with noise-canceling headphones with relaxation music and essential oils.

Jade Gua Sha – this gentle form of ‘scraping’ encourages blood flow and invigorates the skin. It opens up the pores and moves away stagnation that may have built up in the skin.

Facial massage – organic rose hip will be spread generously over the face, causing a deep hydration, combined with massage techniques to drain away any impurities, encourage lymphatic drainage and a nice activation of blood flow.

Jade roller – this gentle, cooling and soothing technique closes the pores and finishes off the facial beautifully. Leaving the skin calm and clear after all of its activation.

Cleanse tea – continue on the cleansing affects of the treatment with a pack of organic Pukka cleanse tea.


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