What we ‘older’ humans forget is, the innocence and clarity babies and children hold. They are can be extremely sensitive to energy, emotions, and other every day happenings going on around them, but mostly in the lives of their parents. Little ones can pick up on anything and sometimes you might find them expressing themselves in a way that’s unusual or even acting out of character.

Here’s some tips on how you as a parent might be able to help:

Bath time – Using crystals in the bath is a great method! Rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz and jasper are what I recommend. Place them into the bath along with some Epsom salts or/and lavender oil. This will help to clear bubs aura and chakras, helping them to release any tension or blocked up energy they might be carrying for you as the parent, or from themselves. This will also help to calm the nervous system.

When bub just won’t settle or seems a little stressed, tired or unwell, try gently stroking your thumb between bubs eyebrows as a calming tool. When doing so, focus on calming your own breath by taking 3 really deep breathes in and out for both you and bub. Focus on keep the energy calm as much as you can.

If bub finds it hard to sleep at night, place a salt lamp in the room up nice and high to soak up all the unwanted energy and keep the room still and calm. Also try placing a citrine crystal in the room or even an amethyst. It doesn’t have to big and chunky, just whatever you choose.

Another option that might help bub to sleep, is falling asleep to meditation music, ocean sounds, birds or whatever else you feel necessary. Sometimes bubs find it hard to switch off too and need a distraction at night to keep their minds off everyday life, especially if mum and dad aren’t so settled themselves.

One of the more popular methods I use in clinic is placing my index finger and middle finger on the crown of bubs head. This is one of the major stress release points and can be used on adults as well. When we use the index finger and the middle finger together, we call it polarity, which is balancing the energies from within and without.

You could also try carrying a clear quartz crystal in the pram if you like. You may start to notice a subtle difference without even being aware of the properties it carries.


With gratitude,
Steph (Energy Therapist + Psychic Medium)